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Call Us:(805)668-4055

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Method Electricians is a local electrician Norwalk citizens! We are a licensed electrical who’s providing the best electrical contractors in Norwalk and the surrounding areas.

At Method Electricians, we only provide experienced electricians. Whom all have years of experience. So we can serve exceptional electrical services to both commercial and residential customers.

Our electricians are always ready to help and we provide a fast response to electrical emergencies. This by offering 24 hour electrician services in Norwalk. Therefore, with Method Electricians being your preferred electrical solutions provider, you’ll always have an emergency electrician nearby.

We have fully stocked service vans serving Norwalk residents and business owners. This has enabled us to offer even faster and efficient electrical services to our customers. Therefore, you are guaranteed minimal downtime in case of electrical faults. Because our experienced electricians can arrive on-site fast. While being equipped and provide a lasting solution. So look no further, contact your local Electrician Norwalk folks!


To schedule for a service or inquire on the estimates, talk to our customer representatives on (805) 668-4055. We are Norwalk’s premier electric solutions provider. You can count on us for the following solutions.


Lighting Installations

Talk to Method Electricians for the best electrical lighting solutions. We provide landscape lighting, pathways lighting, decorative lighting, interior, and exterior lighting solutions. At Method Electricians, our electricians come with decades of experience offering lighting solutions. Method Electricians, we advise our customers on energy efficient lighting solutions. For the best lighting fixtures, talk to Method Electricians.

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Electrical Wiring or Rewiring

For home electrical wiring in Norwalk, talk to Method Electricians. We provide the best wiring solutions for commercial and residential customers.

At Method Electricians, we have qualified electricians. Whom will advise our customers on the suitable electric wires for different application cases. Therefore, if you are carrying out residential or commercial electrical installations. Then talk to us for additional wiring requirements.

If your property was constructed in the earlier years, it is important that you consider electric rewiring. This is in order to upgrade the quality of wires that were used in the previous installation. This will improve efficiency and safety. Read more about our electrical wiring and rewiring solutions.

Smart Home Installations

We are living in a technology-enabled era. So considering smart home installations is a way to embrace technology in your home or office.

Method Electricians, provides installation of various digital solutions for residential clients. So with smart home solutions from Method Electricians, you are assured better privacy and convenience.

We provide tailor-made smart solutions, maximizing your experience. Read more about our Smart Home Installations.

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Switches, Dimmers, Outlets, GFCI Outlets

At Method Electricians, we provide the best electrical switches that suit the requirements of our customers. Therefore, if you are looking for a fresh installation, upgrade or replacement to GFCI outlets. Then we are the preferred electricians you should work with.

We will provide a quick and efficient solution. Which is allowing our customers to enjoy the best solutions to a great rate. In addition, we will help you pick a modern switch while advising you. This, when it comes to the quality and efficiency of electrical switches. Read more about our switch and outlet services.

EV Charging Station Installation

Electric vehicles are becoming the preferred mode of transport for many Norwalk residents. So with the increased demand for electric vehicles, many citizens and companies are installing EV charging stations. Therefore, talk to Method Electricians for the best solutions of EV charging stations. We provide the best installation services for your vehicle, assuring you fast and efficient EV charging experience.

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Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair Services

To ensure electric safety and efficiency, it is advisable that you hire a qualified electrician. Therefore, at Method Electricians, we provide professional electrical troubleshooting. Who can ensure that any notable issues are fixed in the right manner. For this we have a qualified team for any electrical repair solutions in the Norwalk region. Read more about our electrical troubleshooting and repair services.

Method Electricians provides fast and cheaper electrical solutions to our customers. We have years of experience serving our customers and we have no doubt that we shall meet your requirements. To request a free estimate for the services that we provide, talk to us.