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There is no doubt that we are living in the golden age of technology development. Especially when it comes to smart home installation.

Today, homeowners can take advantage of suite of devices, appliances and other systems. Which makes you be able to enjoy greater convenience.

At Method Electricians, we have been involved in hundreds of Smart Home installations throughout Norwalk. Which is ranging from integrating devices to Amazon Alexa, Google Nest to Philips Hue. Therefore, if you are looking for smart home installations expertise. Then we bring you years of experience in high-end home automation solutions.

This is through technologies that allow you to turn off the lights from your bed, control the TV using your voice and even lock your garage door from million miles away, and so much more!

Method Electricians brings you the latest and greatest home technology innovations in today’s digital age of increasing connectivity. Through the deployed solutions, we will let you monitor and control your home environment. No matter from wherever you are using your connected devices.

It is our pleasure to serve the best smart home installations in Norwalk and the surrounding areas.

To request a free estimate for the services that we provide, talk to us.

Our technicians are professional and experienced; delivering 100% customer satisfaction. We have established ourselves as successful home automation professionals. Therefore, as new technologies come into the marketplace, Method Electricians is the enabling partner. We are passionate about deploying new technologies and our primary focus is customer’s satisfaction.

To achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we commit to the following principles:

  • Delivering an outstanding quality
  • Understanding the requirements of our customers
  • Completing smart home installations within budget and on time
  • Paying attention to detail in order to determine most suitable applications

Talk to Method Electricians for the best home automation experience in Norwalk and the surrounding cities. From lighting in the garden, to surround sound in your home theater, we have all the solutions and we will deliver customized experience.

Our home-tech solutions are geared towards improving. As well as protecting the quality of our customer’s life. Therefore, the customer’s happiness and satisfaction remains our number one priority.

Contact us today for a free estimate. So also you can enjoy affordable smart home installation.